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I've Been Looking For Groupon Competitors. How Are You Different?

Yes, we are Groupon competitors. We pride ourselves on our low charges in comparison to Groupon advertising. Groupon takes a cut out of every customer that the Ad brings in. In comparison, we charge you a monthly fee, no matter how many coupons are redeemed, the profit is all yours! 

What is Birthday Coupon Club?

Coupon club marketing is a powerful marketing strategy used to reach, engage with and grow the businesses customer base by providing coupon deals for the customer's birthday. It is a very effective and powerful form of marketing. Everyone celebrates a birthday and most of us love to receive a gift on the day.

How Is This Better Than Standard Deals?

As we are Groupon competitors, our aim is to bring as much value to your business as we possibly can; without the high percentage cut that Groupon and other sites like Groupon take in their charges to you.

Businesses that run their own in-house deals, typically offer loyalty points, discounts and offers to attract customers and grow the business. Our coupon system makes the process much more effective because we have created a digital system that incorporates creating the Ads, the coupon, the follow-up process and we focus on the redemption of the coupon. Paper coupons typically have a low redemption rate because they are often forgotten and left in the customers handbag. We want to avoid this happening. The redemption of the coupon plays a big part in our sales strategy and campaigns. 

What Sort Of Creative Marketing Ideas Can A Business Offer?

We advise you to give serious thought to the value in the deal you're offering. Look around at what your competitor is offering and try to go a step up in value. Every business is different, while a free meal on their birthday may be great for a restaurant, a free round of golf may suite a golf business. There is also extra value in free parking availability, kids play area, etc. We like to include these extra's in the ad.

Does The Customer Know Their Data Is Being Accessed?

Yes. Facebook has new rules about data collection. We make the customer aware that we are accessing their data. We also cover this in our terms of service. 

What Types Of Businesses Is This Suitable For?

The Birthday Coupon Club direct marketing system is perfect for any business that has a valuable offer that we can show to people through an Ad. This website is geared towards restaurants, but any other business would be suitable. 

What About Reviews?

Our proprietary system sends out a request for a review from the customer after they've visited your business. This is incredible value for your business. No longer does the waiter/sales person need to remember to ask for a review, we do that for you. We then publish those reviews on platforms that we know people just like your guest like to visit. This not only helps build your brand presence, it also helps with ranking your website in the search engines.

What Are The Rules For Them To Redeem The Coupon?

We set the rules you want. Some coupon deals require more than one customer showing up, we state that on the coupon. Restaurants offering a free meal for example, we make the customer aware that they need to bring someone along with them in order to redeem the voucher. 

Do You Offer This Service Worldwide?

Yes we do. We are digital and therefore easily accessed. No need to have coupons posted out, etc.

How Are My Payments Processed?

We use PayPal to process payments. PayPal is the secure online system that most payments online are processed through. Once you land on the PayPal page to sign in and continue with the payment, all your financial details for that payment remain with PayPal, not with us. PayPal accepts bank payments as well as credit card payments, you choose how you'd like to process the payment, from a bank account or from a credit card.

What If I'm Not Happy With The Results Of The Coupon Club?

Simply let us know and we will cancel your account. You have the first 30 days free to try out the system, but a set-up charge needs to be paid first. This set-up fee is not refundable. We want to help businesses reach their marketing goals and we know that direct marketing with our Birthday Coupon System is going to be the best, the cheapest and easiest marketing strategy for your business.  

Do You Have an Affordable Starting Point For Me?

Yes, we have taken into consideration there is the initial deposit. So we offer you 30 days Free trial once the deposit is paid. You will begin paying the monthly fee after 30 days. We do also have a cheaper package for small Cafes such as those that have only a few tables or no tables at all. You will need to contact us if this interests you. 

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