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Savvy business owners look at Social Media for restaurant advertising ideas. We all know marketing is most effective where the attention is. It seems today more than ever, attention is what more businesses are fighting for in their strategies to grow.


So, where is the 'sweet spot' for restaurant advertising ideas in today's marketplace?

Social Media advertising! This is by far the most consistent marketing platform that will bring in sales day after day. While there are many social media advertising strategies to consider in a business model, we focus on the one that retains the most information about it's users. More specifically... Facebook Advertising! Yes, Facebook is the most ideal place all businesses need to incorporate as part of their strategy to gain more customers.

Here at the Birthday Coupon Club, we zone in and align our campaign strategically with our target market. Understanding how to set this up effectively is essential to the success of any social media advertising campaign. The goal for any campaign should be to maximize the outcome with better conversions and to achieve a lower cost of acquisition.

Social Media Advertising

Take A Look At These STATS

  • 1.56 billion daily active users on Facebook on average for March 2019
  • 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook as of March 31, 2019
  • The Ave 75% of Facebook Video Views Occur on Mobile Devices

  • The average American Spends 40 Minutes Per Day on Facebook.

Advertising On Facebook And Instagram

Advertising your business on Instagram, requires first setting up a business account on Instagram, then it will be possible to show off your images and videos on the platform. Instagram is integrated with Facebook Ads Manager, so you can create your Instagram Ad in the Facebook Ads manager and 'place' it so it appears in Instagram. Most importantly to advertise on Instagram and Facebook requires a Facebook advertising account and a Facebook page. The Ad created in Facebook Ads Manager will appear in the Instagram Newsfeed as well. With Instagram's explosion in growth, it makes sense to take advantage of their massive audience, but running Ads on Instagram will cost a little more than advertising on Facebook.

Instagram Influencer Advertising

'Influencer Advertising' is a powerful social media advertising strategy. 'Instagramers' with huge followings use their channels to advertise for others at a cost. This can be very effective, however the project objective needs to be well researched and thought through. There is no need spending money with an Influencer who has 100's of thousand of followers when the product you are trying to promote is misaligned with their audience. Relevance plays a big part in achieving the desired results with advertising through this channel. 

It's also important to know just how 'engaged' that Influencer's followers are with his/her page. If people are not visiting the page then you cannot expect them to be aware of your product. The Influencer's audience need to be regularly engaging with their posts in order to get the reach. A loyal and relevant following with a great relationship with the Influencer is the audience you'd want to target. To be really effective, the Influencer will need to communicate with them about your product in the same manner and tone that their audience is used to. That way it comes across as authentic and 'believable' to the post visitors.

Communicate and be proactive

The next step in using an Influencer for your advertising, is to find their contact information, if it's not readily available. Once that challenge is overcome, it's time to communicate to discuss the advertising fee. Every campaign is different, depending on how long the campaign is to run, whether it incorporates the new IGTV - Instagram TV, (a channel for Influencer's to stream their broadcast to their huge audiences),  whether to opt for the traditional Instagram ad, or Instagram Live Stories.

An important point with Influencer advertisers on Instagram is to make sure the relationship is honest and genuine. This should apply to all marketing relationships, including with the customers. You would want the Instagram Influencer to 'put' your brand out there. Make sure they are using #YourBrandName in the post.

Why we choose Facebook Ads

At Birthday Coupon Club, we choose to run our Ads on Facebook. By integrating our Ads account with both Facebook and Instagram, we have the opportunity to be visible in both News Feeds. Our choice is not to use an Instagram Influencer to run our Ads because we love the centralization we have access to in the Facebook Ads Manager. All the steps towards building a campaign are dealt with within Facebook itself. We do not need to run around searching for email addresses or search through the huge number of Influencer's to negotiate costs of running the Ad, nor do we need to be concerned about how effectively the Influencer will deliver our Ad. Incorporating the Facebook and Instagram News Feeds in our marketing strategy gives us great results.

Research Tools

Understandably, it has become much easier to conduct research on an Influencer in Instagram with all the tools that are constantly being developed to make the processes easier. Tools such as Buzzsumo do an incredible job in the steps to 'looking for an Influencer'. Their search and analyze feature makes the whole process much easier. Needless to say, Instagram now is the most powerful platform for social media advertising, and together with Facebook Advertising, these two power-houses are certainly a force to be reckoned with.

One good thing is if you don't have an Instagram account and you want to run Ads, don't worry. Just use your Facebook account as the launch platform and control center for your Instagram Ad.


The quickest way is to advertise to your core audience. You’re able to specifically target your ideal customer. Example: Let’s say you’re a local family restaurant and you’re looking for restaurant advertising ideas that will drive new customers in to increase sales profitability, you could structure an Ad that appeals to a targeted demographic within that audience.


Male and female age 35-45

> Children

> Married

> Income of $50,000- $75,000

> Lives within 10 miles of your business.

Sweet right! When you consider the power of specific targeting, you can be more cost effective with your Ad budget, so your advertising dollars go further because you’re reaching the ‘best’ audience most likely to respond.


The best way we’ve found to structure your advertising offers is via ‘smart direct response’ Ads. We call these Ads, DIGITAL OFFERS.


We specialize in helping businesses get more customers and increase their sales profitability by structuring highly effective digital offer campaigns. Utilizing cutting edge software solutions, mobile marketing, and the power of social media, you’ll be able to drive more sales and therefore and increase business profit at the fraction of the price of traditional advertising,


>STEP 1: We take your existing offer, structure it with our expert restaurant advertising ideas, then turn it into a digital campaign.

>STEP 2: We promote your offer on social media specifically targeted to your perfect customer, so your Ad reaches exactly the customers you want.

>STEP 3: We use a unique offer delivery system that is proven to increase calls and deliver more in store customers. Our unique software provides custom coupon delivery through email and text message marketing.



You’ll be able to reach more people at the fraction of the price of traditional advertising.


You'll be able to reach your perfect customers proven to spend money with you.


Our sales strategy allows your Ad dollar to work longer and more effectively because we'll be able to use data to quantify exactly what’s working and making you the most money.

If you'd like to know how we can help your company get more customers faster, we're here for you!

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