Marketing strategy to attract new customers

marketing strategy to attract new customers

Marketing strategy to attract new customers

If a marketing strategy to attract new customers is not a priority for your business, I urge you to give your business growth some serious thought. The digital evolution is happening right now, along with that and at the forefront of this explosion is the customer’s journey. The ‘traditional’ customer has changed...significantly. Their expectations are much, much higher than it was just over a decade ago. Social media is their go to platform and if you want to engage with them it will be difficult unless you too have social media as an integral part of your marketing strategy. 

I was researching through trending paths for restaurants and the latest on marketing strategies to attract new customers, when I came across this blog post written by the National Association of Restaurants. I’ll give you a link to read it for yourself here.

I could pinch myself...It’s a leaf out of my own book, so to speak! This is exactly what we are trying to help businesses with. If your restaurant is not marketing on social media, offering online promotions, have a great website and if your restaurant is not using a digital marketing strategy, then you are being left in the dust! That’s a harsh statement I know, but that is the reality, and it’s tough love... the facts need to be stated. So take a meaningful look at your business, is it time to innovate?


Wikidaedia describes innovation as “Innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.” Such innovation takes place through the provision of more-effective products, processes, services, technologies, or business models that are made available to markets, governments and society.

The visitors to your business will very rarely articulate their needs to you. If you’re not offering what they think is a great service, they will simply choose to go elsewhere. The sad thing is quite often you find out by hearing about it in a bad review online. By that stage it’s too late because of the detrimental effect bad reviews have on businesses.

Customers do want better solutions to meet their existing needs. When they discover a business that is providing a more effective service, process or product, it excites them. Once they feel satisfied that your business is responding to their needs, they become loyal customers. In other words, even businesses need to earn trust!

Social Media Marketing

Yes, social media is the most powerful marketing platform there is. It is so because people love being in the ‘loop’ with their community of social media buddies. They are sharing and following their peer’s recommendations made on these social media platforms.

So what can you do to innovate?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to innovate is having a Birthday Club. The Birthday Club strategy is a great way to boost revenue and continually fill those empty seats in your restaurant. While there are multiple pillars to consider in any marketing strategy, this system will never go stale. Why, because people are having birthdays everyday, everywhere. They treat this day as special, and they want to make it a great day. Celebration usually means family and friends and food! 

How to set up a Birthday Club

There are two ways to do this, either have an internal Birthday Club or an external club. 

The Internal Birthday Club

The internal birthday club is set up and operated from within the business. This is usually a manual system. The business will design marketing material, postcards, flyers or brochures and display them around the restaurant. They are set up as table tents, emailed to existing customers or handed out upon the customer going up to the counter to pay their bill. This marketing material will generally have a ‘call to action’ to join their birthday club. Note, this marketing strategy is reaching existing clients. The restaurant will usually wait for the birthday person to reserve a table, with very little, if any marketing power behind capturing and building a relationship with that lead. An internal birthday club has potential to survive and benefit the business in a financial way. However, the up-keep, management and constant attention makes it an additional responsibility that often gets neglected.

The External Birthday Club

On the other hand, an external birthday club, set up the way we do at Birthday Coupon Club, is a digitized birthday club system. Remember, The National Association of Restaurants view on the future of restaurants?...a digital marketing strategy is necessary to keep up with the customer’s journey, which has changed significantly. 

This is an external birthday club because we do all the work for you. It is a hands-free, passive way to build your restaurant business by providing what the customer wants. Because we take care of the platform, you experience the hassle-free, revenue generating benefits.

Join Our Club

By joining our Birthday Club platform, your membership will continue for as long as you want it to. You pay for our service as well as the cost of Facebook Ads which we run continuously in the Facebook newsfeed. 

The buttons at the bottom of this page will take you to the options we have available to you.

An Automated Platform

The automation we put behind our digital system means it’s a proactive system with simplified steps and delivers positive results. We seek birthdays coming up within that week and begin marketing right when they are beginning to consider ‘a nice place to eat out’ to celebrate their special day. Our positioning is crafted to be timely and unobtrusive! All we need from you is an offer that they can’t resist. You don’t lose out because we stipulate they bring at least one guest with them who is going to make a purchase of equal or more value of their offer.

We are simply saying: “Your birthday is coming up soon, we’d love you to celebrate your special day at ‘’xyz restaurant’. Look at this amazing offer we have for you!”

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Nesta Kacomanolis is the founder and CEO of Birthday Coupon Club. I've been passionate about digital marketing ever since I attended an event in Melbourne and discovered Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and a few others including Donald Trump! Each had an incredible lesson of their own to pass on. Not everyone presenting was a digital marketer, it was each one's mind power in their path to success that lit me up! I continued to learn as much as I could from Tony Robbins, including from all his interviews with Jay Abraham and others. I have a Bachelor of Commerce and five plus years in the digital marketing space. I get excited about Lead Generation. I specialize in helping businesses grow their customer base using digital strategies. A digital evolution is happening right now. The traditional customer now has a new journey. Whether you like it or not, social media marketing is here to stay! Get on board with it or lose out. Anything and everything to do with online marketing is my buzz. I want to show businesses how by implementing simple digital strategies into their marketing can make a huge difference in their current customer acquisition strategy. Other than that, if you can teach me how to make my miniature poodle stop yapping, I'll do an audit of your website for free!

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