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About This Demo

This is a Demo of the experience the people have when they see your Ad in their Facebook News Feed. Obviously we are not running a live demo on Facebook because Facebook has advertising charges. This is as close as we can get to demonstrating the experience, without incurring advertising fees.

Please go ahead and click on the button below and on the page that follows. That way you will know and understand the core of our Birthday Coupon Club.

You will go to a form after this page, which needs to be filled in if you want to proceed further in the demo. Fill it in as though you were in your customer's shoes, doing exactly what they would be doing with the form. 

Once that form is filled in and submitted, only then will you receive the email that the customer receives which has the coupon offer in it. So please keep an eye open for any emails from us. You may need to check your spam as well, just in case it lands in there.

In the real world, the Birthday Coupon Club advertising system begins with a Facebook Ad. We run multiple Ads on Facebook, broadcasting your compelling offer to the multitude of people we find who are celebrating their birthday within one week and within a defined radius around your business. 

The Ad is set to run continuously, throughout your membership with us. This way you will receive new customers on-going. That is our aim, to have a constant flow of customers arriving at your door.

That said, please go ahead and experience the demo.

The Facebook Ad:

Facebook Ads advertising for the seniors market

Note: This particular Ad reached 5,038 people!

Step 1 in the customer's experience:

  • They see the Ad in their News-feed
  • They click on the 'Sign Up' button in the Ad
  • They are then taken to a Form to fill in their details

The blue button below replicates the Facebook 'Sign Up' button. As part of this demonstration, you will need to click it for the same experience they have. It will take you to the 'next step' they experience once they click on the button in the Ad. This is the best way we can demonstrate the user's experience without running a live Facebook Ad which incurs advertising fees.

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