Marketing strategy to attract new customers

marketing strategy to attract new customers

Marketing strategy to attract new customersIf a marketing strategy to attract new customers is not a priority for your business, I urge you to give your business growth some serious thought. The digital evolution is happening right now, along with that and at the forefront of this explosion is the customer’s journey. The ‘traditional’ customer […]

Why A Birthday Coupon Club?

strategies for increasing sales

Strategies for Increasing SalesUse Birthday’s as powerful strategies for increasing sales in your business.As a restaurant owner, we understand your TOP CHALLENGES…1. Keeping the restaurant FULL during NON-PEAK HOURS.2. Increasing REPEAT BUSINESS with existing customers.3. Having ongoing VISIBILITY and EXPOSURE.4. Generating a consistent flow of NEW CUSTOMERS.To accomplish ALL FOUR objectives requires you to ADVERTISE […]

Restaurant Academy

This guy is incredible, you need to hear his story! When asked…”How is your restaurant business going?”…You want to confidently say “Great!” But what does it take to make your restaurant great and to build an unstoppable brand? Meet Roger Beaudoin, restaurant business coach and trainer extraordinaire! As many restaurants are interested in skills to grow their business, we […]

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