Action Plan To Increase Sales In A Restaurant

action plan to increase sales in a restaurant

Why an action plan to increase sales in a restaurant is critical

Looking for an action plan to increase sales in a restaurant all starts with building a strong connection with your customer. Unless you are ready and prepared to show the customer your intent is a respectful and happy relationship, and they are not just a numbers game on your balance sheet, then building a strong action plan to increase sales in a restaurant will no doubt, give your business a long-term sales boost.

The 'Birthday Coupon Club'

If Those Empty Restaurant Seats Are Concerning You...You Owe It To Yourself To Read This Page!

"We Reach and Bring Customers To Your Door Continuously To Celebrate Their Birthday"

Where Do We Start?

Let's begin by understanding the major concerns most restaurants experience:

1. Slow sales in non-peak hours

2. Competition. Especially new businesses, where do you stand with regards to the barriers to entry?

3. How hard is it to get customers to hear your advertising message with all the 'noise' around

4. Getting customers to want to return to your restaurant

5. Time. One of the most important resources is time

This list could go on, but we'll leave it as these top 5 points to consider.

Customers are real people with real feelings and emotions. Everyone appreciates and responds to human warmth. Work on keeping it personal, and not transactional.
It's astonishing to see how most businesses receive their customer well, but then never know how to bring those same customers back. Slow sales in non-peak hours can be improved upon just by knowing how to connect with your visitors. This is most often due to the business not moving with technology. Implementing a digital system is crucial for growth and will do wonders for your business. 

Develop A Friendly Customer Relationship

People love to feel they belong to something or some sort of a community. It's the tribal thing from our ancestors! So why not capitalize on this in a way that makes the customer feel 'connected' in a respectful way.

Remember word of mouth goes far, and a happy customer will no doubt tell their friends which will reflect positively for you. A friendly relationship with the customer can mean following them up after they've been to visit your restaurant.


"And how am I supposed to find the time for all this?"...Believe me...I hear you!

A digital birthday club system is an effective action plan to increase sales in a restaurant without the need to keep looking for ways and ideas to keep the communication paths open. This sales strategy looks for past and future customers. It touches them on an emotional level. Who doesn't want to feel warmth and appreciation on their birthday? This is their special day and one of the most important days on their calendar.

What do people typically do on their birthday?

Most people love to go out to dine in a local restaurant with friends or family, or both.
Some people love celebrating in groups, while others prefer intimacy with a loved one. Still, they find the best way to celebrate is to dine out in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

By implementing this action plan to increase sales in a restaurant, you will be able to:

>  Build a list of customers for every week of the year
>  Use a strategy that implements a digital coupon system
>  Better than Groupon, we don't take a cut out of every sale you make
>  Have a monthly club membership which includes Facebook Advertising
>  Reach thousands of people who are celebrating a birthday each week

You decide what you'd like to offer them, let's say a Free Birthday Meal. We ask you to make your offer to them a valuable and attractive offer.
We make them understand that one other person will need to purchase a meal of equal or more value. Therefore, they understand it's a buy one and get one free meal.

Our Birthday Coupon Club will do it all for you

  • Setting up the Facebook Ads creatives 
  • Running the Ads on Facebook Newsfeeds 
  • Communication with the potential customers, as well as 
  • Remind them of the reservation they make on our system

We want them to show up and redeem their coupon, so our follow up strategy is an important part of our system.
Unlike most other 'Deal' sites, we don't stop and end it all once their coupon is redeemed. This is where most strategies fail. We know how important word of mouth is. We also know only too well that a positive review of their experience at your restaurant will lead so many others to want the same!

How do we do the follow up?

Our digital marketing strategy

We use email and SMS to ask them for a review in a very simple way that does not interrupt them.
Our system will then post the review on sites that attract other people just like them.
So here you have a Digital Birthday Club that is run externally, with an effective action plan to increase sales in a restaurant without being intrusive to the guest!

We provide you with reports to monitor the effectiveness of our strategy, saving you time and stress, so that you can see just how effective the campaign has been.

Greater ROI

You will get a better ROI with our Birthday Coupon Club system than you will if you advertise on Groupon.
As long as you remain a member with us, we continue running the Facebook Ads and finding customers to bring to your door!

Our system is highly targeted. We reach an audience of people who will celebrate their birthday within that week. We know we are reaching fresh leads who are actively thinking of a way to celebrate their special day within that same week. This makes our system so much more effective, we are finding them in their 'right mind frame'.

We target potential customers geographically. Our digital system will only seek potential customers within a determined radius from your restaurant.


Because we only look for customers within a certain radius from you, say 10 miles; we need to reserve the Birthday Club membership to only a few selected restaurants within that radius. In order to maintain exclusivity, we do not offer our system to every second restaurant within that designated area. To retain the effectiveness of our program, we only work with two restaurants per geographic area. That been said, we will need to recognize that your restaurant is a good fit for us to work with. We work hard at establishing a valuable relationship between your restaurant and the potential customers we will bring to you. We like to feel your positiveness in receiving these birthday visitors.

Increased Revenue

The National Restaurant Association states that one of the key factors in growing a successful restaurant today is the ability to integrate a digital marketing system.

Our Birthday Coupon Club is undoubtedly a great digital marketing strategy to get your restaurant visible. The opportunity is here for you to gain awareness and to make your restaurant a 'want to go to place' for people in your area celebrating their birthday that week! Grab this opportunity to fill those empty seats and increase revenue for your business. 

Implement A Birthday Club Strategy

Click the button below if you want to put some 'marketing muscle' behind your business. Partner with a Birthday Club that has the expertise to help you grow your business profitably, and is with you at every point of our service to you.

Imagine if  we send you just 2 new birthday customers per day. Their  table spend is an average $80. How helpful will this be to the bottom line of your business? It would increase your revenue by $4,800 per month. Over the year, you will  achieve a revenue increase of $57,600.

action plan to increase sales in a restaurant

If you would like to learn more about the operations of a custom Birthday Club for your restaurant, click the first button below and follow the instructions through the Sales Strategy and the Demo. 

The Demo is built to give you the customer's experience of our coupon system. It's free to try it out, no commitment from you whatsoever! Go ahead and give it a test drive!

Otherwise, if you are keen to go ahead with this business growth strategy for your restaurant, click the second button below. Fill in the short form on the next page that follows, and our staff will contact you to schedule a 15 minute consultation with you. Its a quick, easy, and seamless process. We look forward to helping you!

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