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A Fun Marketing Strategy To Attract New Customers To Your Business

Works For Almost Any  Business...Great For Restaurants

How To Increase Sales In Restaurant Marketing 

 Knowing how to increase sales in restaurant marketing lies at the core of every restaurants success. Every owner knows that the success of their restaurant depends on retaining and increasing the frequency of their regular customers and generating new ones. Our restaurant marketing agency has a new program that can do both.   

Birthday Coupon Club is a restaurant marketing agency. We will show you how to attract new customers to your restaurant at a lower cost than most other advertising. Our direct response sales strategy works to help businesses build  a strong following of happy customers, and more money back into your business than Groupon advertising does!

Attract New Customers

Our direct marketing system will generate a consistent flow of new customers for your business

Social Media

We engage on Social Media and gain valuable data. Social Media is an important marketing platform


We create custom designed Facebook Ads to reflect your brand and increase your business exposure

marketing strategy to attract customers


We know people forget. So we keep up the communication with friendly reminders to redeem their special free meal offer


Get insight to your business. Learn who your customers are, and how effective the campaign was with analytics and reporting

Business Growth

Our approach to business growth is proven and tested. Direct response marketing using our system is best for fast results!

  • Invite Local Residents To Celebrate Their Birthday

So Why Birthday Marketing?

People love to celebrate on a birthday. Celebration for most means dining out at a local restaurant. Our Birthday Coupon Club demonstrates how to increase sales in restaurant marketing, using sales strategies that harness the power of Facebook advertising. 

They Celebrate With Friends

The best thing about birthday celebrations is the host will invite others to celebrate with them, quite often bringing a group of friends and family with them.

Marketing Strategies To Attract Customers

We use marketing strategies to attract customers in your local area. Your restaurant, if marketing to birthday clients, will benefit from having a group of people dining in with the birthday person, whom you can start marketing to and build your base of clientele. 

strategies for increasing sales
strategies for increasing sales

Sales Strategies To Increase Revenue

Our sales strategies focus on targeting your ideal customer.  We build your brand awareness on social media with sales strategies that will work for your business every day of the year.

Social Media Marketing

It's no secret that Social Media is the critical essence in a businesses marketing strategy. But how hard is it to find the time to engage in setting up advertising on social media? Time is a major hindrance for most business owners.

Profit From Their Birthdays

We connect and engage with people who could be your customers.  We build beautiful coupon offers with the offer you have for them. We understand people are busy and need reminding. That's why we use very effective strategies to gently remind them to redeem their birthday coupon offer. 

how to increase sales in restaurant

Sign Up Forms

We begin the 'Come and celebrate Your Birthday With Us' process with an online form.

Get Customer Reviews 

Our proprietary system means your hospitality business no longer needs to ask the guest to leave a review, we do that for you!

Great For Your Business SEO 

Our Birthday Coupon Club system is perfect for any business seeking ideas on how to increase sales in restaurant marketing. We've integrated forms with SMS and email marketing. Once they've experienced your restaurant's service, we follow them up, requesting a review of their experience at your location. We then publish their review on platforms that attract people like them. When people are searching for a restaurant to go to, you will want your business to be positively reflected to them in the search results. Allow us to show you how this is done in our sales strategy using our proprietary marketing system. Please use the 'Learn More' button below to contact us regarding this.

marketing strategy to attract customers

how to increase sales in restaurant with facebook ads

Facebook Ads in newsfeed draws attention

Your most profitable customers see your Facebook Ads in Newsfeeds as well as on Instagram. To be seen, you need to be on these platforms. This is power marketing.

unique restaurant promotion ideas

Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas

If you're looking for unique restaurant promotion ideas, our system does it all. We prospect,  sign them up and issue a digital birthday coupon  or any other offer you'd like to advertise.

strategies for increasing sales

Follow Up-We Take Care Of It All

More effective than the low redemption rate of  'paper coupon vouchers'. We follow up on them to remind them to redeem their digital  coupon offer. This increases the show-up rate and your profits.

marketing strategies to attract customers


Forget Groupon! Our system gives you results. We send you customers on a consistent basis, with a small advertising expense.  Escape Groupon's high fees and charges...You get a  better ROI with us!

How Does It Work?

As Easy As This...

how to increase sales in restaurant
  1. 1
    Click the 'Yes I Want To Join' gold button below and you will land on a page with a Form. Fill in your contact details so we can forward you all the details like pricing, etc. We know your are busy so we keep the details short. 
  2. 2
    Now that we know who you are, and you've committed to join, we begin creating your Facebook Ads...not one but multiple Facebook Ads. 
  3. 3
    Our Birthday Coupon Club sales strategy kicks in. Once we've attracted the customers attention, we take them to a form to fill in their details. 
  4. 4
    They receive their digital coupon voucher. We know people are busy and tend to forget, so we send them SMS messages and email, making sure they remember to redeem the coupon deal before it expires.
  5. 5
    More questions?   Check out our FAQ


First, connect with us. Use the gold buttons on this page to reach out to us so we know who and where you are located. Not just local...we reach any location in most parts of the world. We will respond with all the details you will need to get this powerful direct marketing strategy started.

We Go Social

You'll need to read through the details and make your commitment to the Birthday Club program. We'll begin immediately with designing and setting up your Birthday Coupon Ads on social media newsfeeds. We will require access to your Facebook page, or we can create one for you.

Digital Coupon Ads

Most people are on smartphones. Our proprietary marketing system is designed to reach them on their phones. The marketing trend the past few years has been towards smartphone and social media advertising, this is what we do. Why offer paper coupons when you can do so much more in your sales strategy when you use digital coupons.

We Do It All For You

Our goal is to get them to redeem their coupon invite. With Paper coupons, they sit forgotten in the handbag! Not with us...we follow up and gently remind them to redeem their birthday coupon offer. The more that redeem their coupon, the better the profit potential for you! You can then continue to market to people who have now been your guests!

We've Made It So Easy... Click The Button To Get Started Today!

birthday digital coupon club customer satisfaction guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We offer you a 30 Days Free Trial once your set-up deposit has been paid (the details of which you receive in step 2).                        Your month starts 30 Days later, so you get 30 Days Free to try it out! There is no contract. If you are not happy just contact us, and we'll discontinue the Ads. The deposit is non-refundable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Easy!   We want to help businesses that want to grow by building customer engagement.

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